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Gathering Point Community Council holds viewing party for Presidential Nominees

We have been a leading voice calling for reform of Chicago’s South side and held the first of two more presidential debates at new Gathering Point Community Council Location. Gathering Point hosted this debate to give the community access to a central place to watch the debate and have a thoughtful engaged discussion afterwards on who addressed needs in the black community best.

“This was a great event,” said Ora Jackson. “It really brought the community together and got a dialogue started on issues facing the black community that we hope the future leader of America can address.” The black community in Chicago and in particular on the south side has seen in uptick in crime not recently seen in previous years. Chicago has recently surpassed the 500 homicide mark this past month and is on pace to hitting 700-1000 homicides according to various news sources.

Gathering Point Community Council has made it his mission to empower and better the south side of Chicago and be the bridge between community and police. “Gathering Point needed to host this event so both young and old could come out and talk politics and encourage all generations to get out in vote,” says Ora. “Not many individuals trust politicians nor do they like the state of our political system but us coming together to discuss the state of our system gets the change started,” she added.

The event also included a moderator, Barbara Thomas, who asked thoughtful and engaging questions really making individuals think about the debate and who spoke directly best to them and their needs. “We need more events like these that encourage discussion around issues that matter to the black community,” said Ms. Thomas. “The state of our Chicago black communities are in need of help in resources, events like these give us the opportunity to come together and collectively address those lack of needs.”

Gathering Point’s entire mission involved restoring prosperity and hope to Chicago’s at risk communities, through various meetings with other community organizations, active & retired cops, the US DOJ, and superintendent Eddie Johnson Gathering Point has started the conversation on helping the and improving the south side community.

The next debate is scheduled for October 9th and will again be held at Gathering Points new office location. I hope for a even more bigger turnout for the hosting of our next debate and look forward to the discussion on topics the candidates brought up.

hope for a even more bigger turnout for the hosting of our next cs the candidates brought up,” Wooten said.

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