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Gathering Points Annual Turkey Giveaway

The holiday season is one of those special occasions when families gather together for a special meal. Unfortunately, some families will be unable to host a Christmas or holiday meal because they have fallen on hard economic times. They simply do not have the resources to host a family gathering.

This holiday season, Gathering Point will continue this tradition. Gathering Point seeks to partner with you to help feed and help our communities. We believe we have some common goals in building healthy communities and this effort could be a perfect starting point for us to work together. Since we both are vested in underserved neighborhoods in the Chicago area, or we service residents from these areas, this alliance can convene families for festive occasions. These gatherings can strengthen families, provide safe options for families and youth, and maybe reduce some of the violence in our great city. More importantly, this act of generosity can be beneficial to our organizations, because we can only thrive and grow if we are located in safe, stable and healthy communities.

Gathering Point Community Council is a 501 c (3) non-for-profit organization established in 1998 as a mentoring organization for at-risk youth. In time Gathering Point has evolved to become Gathering Point Community Council, an organization dedicated to restoring values in at risk communities through the philosophy of for the people, by the people. This past year, Gathering Point has enacted meetings with the Department of Justice to help with the reform efforts of the Chicago Police Department. We have also hosted community meetings with newly appointed superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, Eddie Johnson, so he can engage the support of very active and dedicated retired police officers, elected officials, pastors, community leaders and the heads of block clubs and neighborhood watch groups. Lastly, our council has connected with the Independent Police Review Authority to help improve relations between police and the community. We need you, so donate today!

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