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2016: A Year in Review

There’s no denying it— 2016 has been a trying year for the black community. Despite the efforts of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, over 173 African Americans died at the hands of law enforcement. Violence in Chicago peaked— the city saw a over 700 homicides, the highest total in 20 years. Additionally, the nation elected Donald Trump to the presidency, sparking a new wave of hate crimes.

Throughout his campaign, Trump repeatedly showed a complete and utter disregard for black issues. He took his endorsement from the KKK without a word of protest and condoned the beating of a #BlackLivesMatter protester. Trump’s recent cabinet appointments only confirm his bigotry. Among them is Jeff Sessions, his pick for attorney general, who once joked that the only problem with the KKK was the group’s drug use. The only African-American in his administration is the new head of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, who spent much of his campaign pledging to reduce welfare and other government “dependencies.” Carson’s wealth and power have put him out of touch with the communities he is supposed to be aiding.


Our community cannot rely on the government to bring change. We must bring about our change. Gathering Point is ready to lead the way, with a fresh batch of community events and outreach efforts. It all begins today, Wednesday, December 21 at 7:00 pm, with our holiday toy and food drive. Meet us at 9050 S. Ashland Avenue to give back to those in need, and strengthen the bonds of fellowship in our community.


In the coming year, we’ll extend our outreach, with our Community Ambassadors Program. This new initiative will offer hands-on training for our members, empowering them with the tools to create safer, more positive communities. On February 5th, we will roll out Gathering Point Universal Ministries, to increase faith, hope, and spirituality in our neighborhoods.

“Anything can happen—that’s what we’ve learned in 2016, with the election of Donald Trump. If anything can happen, then why can’t our communities make a total change for the better in 2017?” - Richard Wooten

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